Recap: What Derek Dorsett Said Today (Next Steps/No Pain When Shooting)

Derek DorsettDerek Dorsett met with the media after Rangers practice today and said:

  • “I have no pain when I am shooting or anything like that so it’s just, I gotta get the scope realigned. It’s just getting back shooting it. My back was a little sore from shooting it yesterday, it was stiff this morning but otherwise it feels great.”
  • Next steps, “I hope to keep being able to practice with the guys and then go for another x-ray, next week, and see how it’s healing and then doing some contact stuff. I don’t believe that the next x-ray will clear me for contact, but I am not 100% sure. That is up to the docs and trainers. It is feeling good when I am shooting and there is no pain.”

  • Has he talked to Marty Biron about this? (Biron broke his collarbone on the trading deadline in 2011) “The first day I got here he told me about it and we have talked about it a couple of different times. Obviously he doesn’t get hit, well sometimes. He told me how long his took.”
  • On what it will take to be ready, “I think as soon as the doctors feel that the x-rays look solid and I am not going to re-hurt it, then I think that is what I am waiting for. I don’t know how it will handle right now, how it will handle in a week.”
  • OnĀ  the timetable he had when in Columbus, “They said 6-8 weeks but I was saying more six-weeks because that is what I wanted to believe at the time. Obviously I think seven weeks comes up this week, I just gotta go with whatever the doctors are telling me. I thought best case scenario I could play the last two games of the season, that was my prediction. When I was looking at the position we were in, if we were fighting for the playoffs I could come back. Things have changed now s0 we will see where it goes.”