Read: Darroll Powe Knows What It’s Like To Come Back From Down 0-3

Darroll PoweIn 2010, the Flyers came back from being down 0-3 to beat the Bruins in a second round series.

Darroll Powe was a member of the Flyers on the team that came back against Boston and spoke today about that series.

Powe said “you go in everyday and focus at the game at hand. You can’t win four games tomorrow night. We need to focus on coming out strong, going shift by shift and chipping away. You win every shift and that is how you get back into the series.”

Powe added that things start to change when you win one and start to see your confidence build while the opposition starts to see their confidence wane.

Arron Asham was also on the 2010 Flyers.