Read: John Tortorella Is Still Figuring Out Darroll Powe

Darroll PoweIn his first two games, Darroll Powe has played:

  • (Devils) 8:33 (2:57 on the PK) with two hits and 1 and 1 on faceoffs.
  • (Islanders) 10:15 (3:21 on the PK) with two shots, four hits, one blocked shot, 2 and 1 on faceoffs and one penalty.

When asked yesterday about Powe, John Tortorella said that he has hopes of using him in a variety of ways, “I’m still trying to figure him out. I think he will be very serviceable here where I can use him in different spots and on different lines. You can tell he has killed penalties, he blocks shots. He is willing to bang. He has played and he won a couple of faceoffs. What I want out of him is to be able to use him in a lot of different spots and I think we will be able to.”

Tortorella then spoke about how he was concerned that Mike Rupp couldn’t handle the tempo that he wanted to play, but he feels that Powe can.