Recap: Sam Rosen with Assistant Dan Lacroix

On MSG, Sam Rosen spoke with Rangers assistant coach Danny Lacroix:

  • how do you score goals, “we need to generate primary and secondary chances. It’s the second chances, the rebounds and defensemen getting pucks to the net. We need to get inside the defense and get to the net.
  • What are you seeing, “it comes to at times we have pressure and we get one puck on net and the nit’s out of the zone. We need to spend more time forechecking, reloading and getting on their forwards on the breakout.”
  • On the top two centers, “players start over thinking instead of playing on instincts. At times they need to relax and play their games and play hard. The points will be a byproduct of winning battles and playing hard. It’s a five man unit, we need to battle on the inside and work hard to get goals.
  • On the positives, “we aren’t giving up a lot of 5 on 5 chances. Our PK has looked good, we are moving well on the PP. We want to score more on the PP but we feel it’s moving in the right direction.