Read: Brian Leetch Is Mad At The Owners/Darren Pang Is Reminded Of 94-95/Mike Richter Talks Compromise

LEETCH RICHTERDarren Pang took to twitter earlier today and said that this lockout reminded up of the roller coaster that was the 1994-95 lockout that ended with a 48 game season that started in January.

This emotional roller coaster reminding me more of 94/95. Players and owners got together, felt good, then left table, not as good it dragged on, players got antsy, vote seemed to happen quick. Are players feeling same way now? They just want to play by now I’m sure.

In the NY Post, Brian Leetch spoke out about how the owners and how upsetting the current situation is, “I was involved in the last one, where basically the owners broke the union and were able to get a deal they believed was fair, changed the whole structure of the system. And now to be in this again, where they are basically trying to redo it again and hammer the union, it’s disappointing.

When asked about whether he thought a deal would get made, Mike Richter told The Post “I think they have to and I think they will.” He added that he understands the owners position and how the teams that are losing money need to have the system changed. He added “part of getting a deal is compromise. Both sides have to bite the bullet, probably accept things they normally wouldn’t want anf figure it out,”