Note: Brian Leetch Was 100% Joining Mark Messier’s Coaching Staff

Leetch Retires Hockey2/10/14: 6:35PM:In October,, Dan Rosen caught up with Brian Leetch and spoke about how Leetch was going to join Mark Messier’s coaching staff if Messier had become coach of the Rangers.

Leetch said that he talked it over with his wife and kids and said that he was prepared to move his family from Boston to New York and re-join the Rangers and Messier’s staff.

Coaching was not something Leetch had considered before being asked by Messier. Leetch said that he thought it would have been a great opportunity for him to work with an develop some of the Rangers young players. (

Reports surfaced over the summer that Leetch would likely join Messier.

Leetch joined the NHL Department of Player Safety after Messier was passed over.

Marc Weissman
Marc Weissman

Yeah, that's all well and good and I revere Brian as much if not more than anyone, but for he and Mark to boldly think they could walk in and be an NHL coach with zero pro coaching experience was scarily naive. Even the great Patrick Roy paid his dues in the AHL and was thus properly offered an NHL coaching job...and succeeding at that. If Brian and Mark were truly serious about coaching, they very easily could've taken the same logical route. So be it...