Read: Replacing Brandon Prust

In a meeting with the media recently, John Tortorella was asked about how the Rangers plan to replace Brandon Prust’s presence in the lineup.

Tortorella said that there isn’t one player who can do all the things that Prust did, “I think it’s going to be a group. Pruster played a very important role for our team, killing penalties, bouncing around on different lines. Not one guy is going to fill that. I like what I see of the new guys coming in here. We have to find a way to fill those needs.”

In the NY Post, Brian Boyle told Larry Brooks that the Rangers may have been a bit spoiled having a guy like Prust.

Mike Rupp told Brooks that while he isn’t going to go out every night trying to replicate what Prust did, he expects to be part of the group that replaces him, “I expect to be part of the group that picks up for his loss and contributes that way, a lot of that is my game, too, but I’m not going to go into games consciously trying to replicate what he did.”

Brian Boyle said that as a group the Rangers need to step up to replace Prust because the Rangers identity isn’t changing, “It’s who we are, no matter who has left.”

Last night in Montreal, Brandon Prust played over 10 minutes, had a fight, three hits, one blocked shots and won three of four faceoffs.

Mike Rupp played 4:38 and had a fight. Taylor Pyatt played 12:36, was a minus two, and had four hits.

Brndon Segal played 5:21 and took a penalty. Heff Halpern played 9:30 and was 2 for 10 on faceoffs.