Read: Why Brad Richards Thinks His Second Season With The Rangers Will Be Better

When talking about his first season with the Rangers, Brad Richards said that he was only really happy with the final 20 games he played and the playoffs.

Richards said he was more prepare to be a Ranger and reiterated those feelings to Katie Strang at ESPN.

“In Tampa, I was there for so long, being part of the community was big. It makes you feel comfortable in everyday life. When you’re comfortable in everyday life and your surroundings and what you’re doing, that carries over to what you’re doing on the ice and how you’re going to the rink and your mood and all that stuff.”

He added, “It’s a year under my belt, but it’s a whole different feeling now living in New York than it did last summer moving here and coming in with a million different things coming at you. The quicker you get adapted to the way things work here, the better it is for you.”

Richards talked after last season about being better this season.