Read: The Impact On The Brad Richards Healthy Scratch

Earlier today, after confirming to the media that he would be a healthy scratch, Brad Richards told Katie Strang at ESPN NY that he doesn’t know if he is surprised at being a healthy scratch but said he is disappointed.

Richards said that John Tortorella called him while at home this morning to tell him that he won’t play tonight. He added that his plan is to work hard so that this never happens to him again in the future.

Pat Leonard wonders in the Daily News what impact this will have on the locker room and the players feelings on John Tortorella.

Aaron Asham spoke with Leonard and said that this is the way things go sometimes and that everyone is in this together as the team tries to get back into the series against the Bruins.

Bob McKenzie noted yesterday that one of the absolute top reasons that Richards signed with the Rangers was because of Tortorella.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post tweets “Impossible to justify giving Richards any ice or any role at this point. Parallels to ARod last October (as a player) continue.”

Adam Rotter: There is a lot being written today about how the Rangers are scratching the guy they signed for nine-years and $60 million and while that is true, Richards has pretty much been scratched since being put on the fourth line. There was a real feeling that he was hitting his stride over the last few games, that he was finally getting the bounces and he was about to play a big role in the playoffs. That didn’t happen, Derick Brassard and Brian Boyle started to play better and Richards fell to being a power play specialist on a power play that can’t score.

I think that being scratched and getting bought out have nothing to do with each other and that the buyout decision (yes or no) has already been made. Scratching Richards is about trying to do something to push this series back to Boston and likely re-inserting Richards and see if sitting out helped him see the ice better and make better plays.