Read: The Brad Richards Show Last Night

Brad Richards:Black ArmadaIn the past two games, Brad Richards has four goals and one assist.

Richards last had five points in a four game stretch from 4/1 to 4/6.

Between March 8th, when Richards returned to the lineup after taking a hit from Patrick Kaleta, and April 16th, Richards had four goals.

In total this seaosn, Richards has 10 goals and 18 assists.

When asked about the increase in production he has shown over the past two games, Richards said that he didn’t want to spend time talking about it or jinx it. All he would say is that if his game is starting to return, this is the right time to have it back.

Dave Maloney said on MSG that prior to the game against the Panther,s Richards was wearing the entire world on his shoulders and Joe Micheletti said that if anyone deserved a break and some bounces to go his way, it was him.

John Tortorella said on MSG last night that he was happy Richards was starting to score and said that when Richards beats himself up, he keeps it to himself and never brings anyone else in the locker room down. Tortorella, like he has said in the past, said that he never worries about Richards.