Read: John Tortorella On Brad Richards

John TortorellaWhile meeting with the media yesterday, Brad Richards said that he didn’t sign with the Rangers to only play a year and a half with the Rangers.

Richards said that he didn’t feel “normal” all season but expects to be able to return to playing at a high level.

During John Tortorella’s meeting with the media, the Rangers coach said that Richards needs to take what happened to him at the end of the Bruins series as a wake up call and that he is sure Richards will be able to bounce back.

Tortorella said yesterday that the relationship between him and Richards had to be put aside when the decision was made to bench him for games four and five.

Tortorella said that the decision was made with the best interest of the hockey team.

While some have wondered if the relationship between Tortorella and Richards is now strained/over, Tortorella denied that saying “absolutely not, Brad knows how I feel about him.”

Following game four, Tortorella said that he loved Richards.