Read: Glen Sather On What Caused Some Of Brad Richards Struggles Last Year

Brad Richards9:32AM: In an interview with Jason Gregor on Edmonton Radio, Glen Sather spoke about Brad Richards and what may have caused his drop off in play last season.

Sather noted how Richards spent most of the fall and winter negotiating the CBA with the NHLPA and how that disrupted his conditioning. When he got to training camp, Sather said that Richards was “behind the eight-ball.”

Sather adds that if you don’t come to training camp in “tremendous shape” you will never catch up.

Richards also missed the first three days of the Rangers brief training camp with the flu.

On breakup day, Richards said “I didn’t feel normal all season. There are a thousand things I could blame or put excuses on, but I won’t. Obviously there was something missing.

Richards is skating with teammates in New York and spent the offseason working out with Marty St. Louis.

Henrik Lundqvist said earlier this week that Richards is looking good.