Read: Brad Richards Says He Needs To Start Over

Claude Giroux, Sergei Bobrovsky, Brad Richards3:51PM: Richards’ comments today:

  • On the season, “it’s disappointing season. There was a lot of expectations, it was all a mess….with the lockout. It was just a different year adn when you are out now the only thing that matters is that you aren’t playing.”
  • On being scratched, “it was not a fun time. It was tough but life goes on and I need to regroup, figure some things out and start over.”

  • On training camp, “for my situation it starts a lot earlier than that.”
  • On last year vs this year, “it just wasn’t a good season.”
  • On being ready, “I get to start over, in about a week or two. It’s one thing I can control, how I prepare. If I do all that then I am confident of how I will enter the season.”
  • On his future “I’m playing hockey next year no matter what. I signed to be here longer than a year and a a half but I do understand everything that is going on.”
  • Do you think you have a lot more to offer, “yes.”
  • On preparing for this past season, “I didn’t play the last two games of the season so I need to do something to get back. There are a lot of other things that can or might or won’t. I signed here to be a Ranger for a lot longer than a year and a half and I hope to do that. I gotta take care of how I play.”
  • On relationships, “Obviously this is another thing in a relationship that will never change now, but I want to play hockey.”
  • On being surprised at the decision, “when it happens you are never really understanding. The game before it I probably had 40 seconds in the third period, so it’s not like you are going 20 min to nothing. It was frustrating, I wanted to be out there to help but it wasn’t my decision.”
  • “I didn’t feel normal all season. There are a thousand things I could blame or put excuses on, but I won’t. Obviously there was something missing.”
  • On starting over, “it’s a lot of things. I think I was in good shape to start the season in September, everything was different after that. It’s a full evaluation of how you prepare.”
  • “I wanna start tomorrow.”
  • On next season, “I got a lot of prove and to get back to.”

11:22AM: According to tweets from Steve Zipay and the Rangers twitter account, Brad Richards called this season disappointing and one where he has to “start over.”

Zipay tweets Richards saying that he will start his offseason work in a week or so.

Richards said that he came to NY to be a Ranger for more than a season and a half and that he hopes to stay a Ranger.

He added that he has a lot to prove and a higher level of play to return to. Katie Strang tweets that Richards said he didn’t feel normal all season and that “obviously there was something missing.”