Read: Brad Richards Is Ready To Prove He Can Still Play

Brad Richards:Black ArmadaIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks notes that Brad Richards spent the summer working out and adopted a “comprehensive new conditioning regimen” devised by Marty St. Louis’ longtime trainer.

He told Newsday that it was time for him to work with a new trainer and get a new view on things.

Richards told Brooks that he knows he can still play at the NHL level and is very motivated to show the people who think he can’t play anymore what he can do.

He added that his struggles last season have kept him hungry and motivated to return to form this year.

Richards said that he spent the early part of the summer reflecting on last year and devising a game plan to help him move forward.

He said that he can’t let whatever struggles he is going through to get him and impact his game.

When asked by Newsday how he felt, Richards said “I feel great” and that the next step is to get the season going.