Read: Brad Richards Is Looking For A Chance To Redeem Himself

When describing how Brad Richards played on Thursday against the Islanders, Al Trautwig, on Hockey Night Live, called Richards a “turnover waiting to happen.”

Richards was benched for all but 47 seconds of the third period against the Islanders and said that his struggles were the result of trying too hard and wanting to do too much.

He said on Hockey Night Live, “It’s happened to me a lot before and it will happen again. My heart was in the right place, but sometimes when you push too much you do things that aren’t smart and it snowballs and you kind of get paralyzed out there.

John Tortorella said on HNL, “that has always been a problem with Brad. Sometimes he binds himself up by trying to do too much and caring too much. He will get through it and be a good player for us.”

Richards told ESPN NY, that he can’t wait to get back on the ice and get a shot at redeeming himself.

Dave Maloney said on HNL that Richards has the coaches confidence and that being a veteran, he will know how to respond and be a factor down the line.

Ken Daneyko said that sometimes star players fall into this kind of funk, trying too hard, because they are used to making an impact.

Maloney then went on to say that a bit of a red flag gets raised by this as it happened for the second straight season, “It’s not a situation that the Rangers nor Brad Richards wanted to find themselves in.”