Read: Brad Richards Deserved To Be Benched/Marc Savard Says John Tortorella Should Be Fired

Brad Richards:Black ArmadaIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that John Tortorella runs no risk of losing anyone in the Rangers locker based on his decision to bench Brad Richards tonight.

He notes that Tortorella ran a greater risk by continuing to put Richards on the ice and give him ice time that he wasn’t deserving of.

Brooks says that had JT Miller been healthy and still with the team, this move could have come earlier in the playoffs.

While many are saying that benching a player of Richards pedigree in this situation is a bad move, Brooks says that Tortorella can’t rely on the past when trying to win tonight “Hockey can’t be about the past. Games and playoff rounds cannot be won on credit. If it’s not quite a matter of, “What have you done for me lately?” it must be a matter of, “What can you do for me today?” and not, “I will reward you for what you did for me yesterday.”

8:42PM: Savard sent out another tweet, “I’m just mad at Torts because if I recall in 2004 Richards helped him win the cup #connsmythe all I’m saying is live or die with your guy!!!”