Read: Bob McKenzie On Brad Richards

Earlier today on TSN Radio, Bob McKenzie was asked about Brad Richards.

McKenzie said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a compliance buyout on him this summer, but that was a risk they took when they signed him. No one was suggesting at the time that Richards was done, but the amount of money and years they gave him certainly gave pause to wonder if they had overdone it. As far as Richards/Tortorella, of all the guys on the team, Brad Richards knew what he was getting into. In fact the reason he signed with the Rangers was because Tortorella was there. This is the one guy on the team who wanted to hook up with John Tortorella no questions asked because of their past in Tampa Bay. I don’t think you can blame Brad Richards performance on Torts, that is on Brad Richards.”

Richards had one shot last night and played 8:10. He had five shifts in the first period, for a total of 4:28, and then had a combined five shifts in the final two periods.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers wanted Brad Richards because of how he plays it cool in big moments, but that Richards game is in “such a state of utter disrepair” that looking back seems only seems to taunt everyone involved.