Note: Brad Richards Does Not Have A Concussion/Just Letting His Body Rest

2:09PM: Richards said today, via the Rangers website,

  • On how he feels, “each day I  wake up hoping to go but there is no sense in having it go backwards or not helping the team.”
  • “Sometimes you think that if I get going and get moving, but that morning it went the other way.”
  • “I felt better since the Washington game. A better frame of mind. Starting to feel good and playing with Nash and Hags I felt we were starting to do something.”
  • On the suspension, “I don’t know what is appropriate, I just hope that someone doens’t have to have a broken neck and carried off on a stretcher to learn that it is a crazy play. You learn in pee-wee that if you see someone’s numbers you just don’t do that.”
  • “It’s not a long-term thing. I just need to let my body regroup a little bit.”
  • “The neck and back are all locked up. Overall I am standing here talking about trying to play so I am pretty fortunate.”

12:37PM: Richards told the Rangers website that he doesn’t want to risk taking a step back in his recovery.

12:11PM: Brad Richards will not play tonight for the Rangers but spoke with reporters at the Nassau Coliseum.

Richards told Andrew Gross that there is no-timetable for a return but that he is not dealing with a concussion.

He told Steve Zipay that his back and his beck are “locked up” and he is dealing with soreness and tightness.

Richards said that he does not expect this to be a long-term issue.

He may have suffered a “stinger” on Sunday night.