Read: Brad Richards is a New Yorker

Brad Richards Broadway HatIn the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Brad Richards, in the NY Post made his reasons for helping out in the relief effort clear

“I’m part of New York now. I know a lot of people who were affected by the storm, so whatever I can do, and whatever players in the area can do, we’re going to do what we can. We’re not playing, but we feel a sense of responsibility to our communities. It’s a privilege to be in this position, really.”

Richards told Katie Strang at ESPN NY, “Being part of the community makes you a part of everyday life,”

Matt Long, who Richards contacted to help out in Breezy Point, said that NY isn’t just a stop along the way for Richards, “We talked about living in New York and how much he loves it and wants to stay here after his playing days are over.

Richards told the NY Times, “I love being in New York, and I love the whole area. And to be able to help out, that’s just perfect.”

Police offer Steven Rose told Strang, “He’s just a regular guy and he’s assimilated to New York incredibly. He’s really embraced the idea of being a New Yorker.”


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