Poll: Should The Rangers Buy Out Brad Richards?

Claude Giroux, Sergei Bobrovsky, Brad RichardsBob McKenzie said on Insider Trading earlier this week that while no decision has been made, it seems like the Rangers are going to wait a year to potentially buyout Brad Richards.

McKenzie notes that the team wants to see if Alain Vigneault can push the right buttons and have Richards return to form.

In the NY Post, earlier this week, Larry Brooks wrote that Vigneault’s system of defense will likely release Richards from much of the work deep in the defensive zone and allow him more opportunity to get the puck and create in open ice.

Richards has seven more years left on his contract and a cap hit of $6.67 million per season

For more information on the Rangers potentially buying Richards out, CLICK HERE.

The buyout period starts 48 hours after the Stanley Cup Final ends and concludes on July 5.