Read: Why Benoit Pouliot continued playing after his penalties on Tuesday

Benoit PouliotOn Tuesday night, Benoit Pouliot took two penalties in the first period but continued to see his regular shifts with Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard.

Pouliot played 13:37, 4:49 in the first, 4:32 in the second and 4:16 in the third.

After the game, Alain Vigneault said “he needs to reign in his emotions. Both of those were penalties and both of them were on the PP so he needs to do a better job in the next game.”

Yesterday, Vigneault was asked why Pouliot wasn’t benched and said “I know Benny’s intentions were good, he felt that the player MacDonald had taken a dive on both of those occasions, I think it was the same player, and he just felt that he didn’t get a fair shake. Sometimes a situation might be that you need to sit down your player and address it and five him a few shifts off and others you need to let them work through it and in those instances I felt that Benny could work his way through it.”