Read: The Benoit Pouliot Situation

PouliotSo far this season, Benoit Pouliot has 2 goals and 2 assists in 18 games and is averaging 12:40 per game.

Pouliot has played under 10 minutes in three of the last four games and has one point in the last seven games. He only has points in 3 games this season and has taken penalties in three of the last five.

In early November Alain Vigneault was asked about Pouliot and said that it was time for Pouliot to become a consistent player/scorer because if he doesn’t he won’t be around the NHL much longer.

Vigneault said that he has spoken and been very direct about this with Pouliot and that things with him don’t just go from game to game they go from shift to shift.

He said that he speaks French with Pouliot and mentions a phrase that translates to “goes to the moon” for how Pouliot seems to act on the ice sometimes.

Pouliot told Ranger Rants that there are a number of things that have held him back from reaching his potential and that the key is to show up and work hard every night. Pouliot said that it isn’t something specific, it’s just about working hard all the time and trying to get better.

Adam Rotter: So far Pouliot has done a pretty good job of living up to the reputation that proceeded him. He has been frustrating, inconsistent and at times really good. His spot in the lineup should be in danger, with Dominic Moore back this weekend and Rick Nash seemingly back sooner rather than later. I’m sure, if Pouliot stays in the lineup, that he will have some point streaks, score some goals and then fade away again.