Read: Arron Asham Tried To Lead and No One Followed

Last night the Penguins announced their starting lineup as James Neal, Evgeni Malkin and Tanner Glass. The Rangers countered with Rick Nash, Brad Richards and Arron Asham.

After the game on MSG, John Tortorella said that he started Asham because the Penguins are his former team and because the Penguins started Glass.

Two seconds into the game, Asham and Glass dropped the gloves.

Asham told the NY Post that he fought for one reason,  “All fights are to try and get your bench going, get the crowd into it. I thought it was a good time to do it, but it didn’t work out.”

Tortorella said that he was angry with team’s response, or lack thereof, to the fight,”high marks to Ash. That is what pisses me off. Ash goes in there, hangs in there and we don’t come in behind him. When a player does something like that the other players need to feed off of that and do their thing.”

Filip Bondy writes in the Daily News that the fight didn’t have its intended impact and “choreographed fights are a continued disgrace in the NHL”