NEWS: Darroll Powe and Arron Asham On Waivers

This is an Arron Asham jersey

Ryan Rishaug reports that Darroll Powe and Arron Asham have been placed on waivers.

Powe and Asham are both signed for next season with a cap hits of $1.06 million and $1 million respectively.

The combined cap charge for both of them next season is $2.06 million and if the Rangers put both of them in the minors, via Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the team would only be charged with a combined total of $217,000 against the cap.

A player’s cap hit when he is sent to the minors on a one-way contract, via cap geek is, is the players cap hit minus the minimum salary + $375,000.

They have not been placed on waivers with the intention of a compliance buyout.