Buzz: Rangers To Unveil New Jerseys In November (Updates)

From 10:10AM:

Sources tell SNYRangersblog that the jersey will be in honor of the Rangers 85th anniversary and most likely be a throwback of a jersey that they have worn previously in their history.

The official design couldn’t be confirmed, but it very well could be the “NEW YORK” on the front of the jersey that had been written about before.

…Seems to me that these aren’t exactly third jerseys, but more of “one-off” jerseys that could be made official third jerseys at a later time, as many teams do with their Winter Classic jerseys.

Original Post: August 17th at 5:25PM:

According to sources, the Rangers will unveil their new jersey in the middle of November.

Right before the holiday shopping season.

SNYRANGERSBLOG has previously written that the Rangers would in fact have a third jersey for this season.

The source wasn’t able to confirm what the design of the jersey would be, just the time when the team would unveil it.