Stats: The Rangers Playoff Chances In The Realigned Divisions

The core of the Rangers division next year will remain the same, Flyers, Islanders, Devils, Penguins, but will add Carolina, Washington and Columbus.

Based on the current point totals, the division standings would be:

  • Pittsburgh (X) (38)
  • Carolina (X) (31)
  • New Jersey (X) (31)
  • Rangers (28)
  • Islanders (25)
  • Flyers (25)
  • Blue Jackets (25)
  • Capitals (21)

X indicates guaranteed playoff spot.

Montreal, Boston and Ottawa would have the guaranteed playoff spots in the other division.

The two wild card spots would go to Toronto (31 points) and Detroit (29 points).

The Rangers (28 points) thought have two games in hand on Toronto, Detroit and New Jersey and Sports Club Stats lists them as having a 73.1% chance of making the playoffs under this format.

They think the Rangers would likely overtake New Jersey for the third spot in their division.