Derek Stepan’s arbitration situation with the Rangers

StepanRyan Kennedy writes that Derek Stepan could “easily” win $7 million -$8 million in arbitration. (The Hockey News)

He said that it could lead to a “contentious” situation with the Rangers limited cap space.  (The Hockey News)

Kennedy says that Stepan’s agent can point to Stepan playing tough minutes, being a top scorer on the team and a “dangerous” penalty killer just at the start of the process. (The Hockey News)

He also notes the impact Ryan O’Reilly’s new contract could have on Stepan.

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A situation where the Rangers could possibly trade Derek Stepan?

Derek StepanLarry Brooks writes that if Derek Stepan receives an arbitration award that starts with a “7” it will be “all but untenable” for the Rangers and that if Stepan were to get an award closer to “8”  it would put the Rangers in a “cap vise.” (NY Post)

Brooks says that if these situations occur and the Rangers are confident that Kevin Hayes can become the second line center, the Rangers could try and package Stepan for a “legitimate, physical checking center that would change the look of the team.” (NY Post)

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What does Ryan O’Reilly’s new contract mean for Derek Stepan?

Derek Stepan7/4/15 | 5:18PM: O’Reilly’s new contract “blows to smithereens” the idea of the Rangers getting Stepan signed long-term to a deal between $6.2 and $6.5 million. (NY Post)

Stepan could get an arbitration award of “well over $7 million” per season.

Going to arbitration “almost certainly starts the clock ticking” on Stepan leaving the Rangers in two seasons as a UFA.

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Buzz: The Rangers made Marc Staal the priority

Marc StaalThe Rangers wanted to keep Marc Staal and made him the “number one” priority when it came to their pending Free Agents. (Friedman)

Elliotte Freidman says that the Rangers have had “not much conversation, if at all) with Marty St. Louis (UFA), Mats Zuccarello (UFA) and Derek Stepan (RFA). (Friedman)

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Buzz: The next contract for Derek Stepan

StepanDerek Stepan is entering the final-year of a two-year deal and has a salary/qualifying offer of $3.850 million.

Larry Brooks notes that Ryan O’Reilly has 73 goals and 118 assists in 345 games and Derek Stepan has 73 goals and 124 assists in 294 games. (Brooks)

Brooks says that when Stepan is eligible for arbitration next summer $6 million and O’Reilly will be his comparable. O’Reilly just signed a two-year deal two stay in Colorado for $5.8 million this year and $6.2 million next year. (Brooks)

  • O’Reilly signed an offer sheet with Calgary during the 2013 season that paid him $3.5 million that season and $6.5 million this past season. His qualifying offer this past season was $6.5 million.

Stepan is part of the Rangers young core with Ryan McDonagh and Mats Zuccarello and will need a long-term deal. (The Hockey News)

Through his first four years in the NHL, Matt Duchene averaged .73 points per game, Stepan is at .67, and signed 5-year deal worth $6 million per season out of his bridge contract which had a final season at $3.75 million. (CG and HR)

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Buzz: Looking at what Derek Stepan’s next contract could be

StepanIf Derek Stepan is to have “any kind of season” this year, he could be in line to double his $3.075 cap hit next summer when he is an RFA that is eligible for arbitration. (NY Post)

Since he joined the Rangers in 2010-11, Stepan leads the team in games played (294) assists (124) and points (197).

Stepan has played in 355 of a potential 356 games since joining the Rangers.

He held out of training camp this year as he and the Rangers couldn’t come to terms on a bridge deal.

Stepan’s salary next season is $3.85 million, which is what his qualifying offer will be. (Cap Geek)