Wolf Pack win 4-3 (Danny Kristo, Conor Allen goals)

The Wolf Pack won 4-3 over Albany last night:

  • Mat Bodie: 1 assist
  • Conor Allen: 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Dylan McIlrath: plus one, 1 shot, unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Ryan Bourque: 1 goal, 1 assist, plus 3, 1 shot
  • Chris Bourque: minus two, 3 shots
  • Chris Mueller: 1 goal, 1 assist, plus 3, 2 shots
  • Oscar Lindberg: minus one, 1 shot
  • Michael Kostka: plus one, 1 shot
  • Danny Kristo: 1 shot, 1 goal
  • Ryan Haggerty: 2 assist, plus 3, 3 shots, roughing penalty

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Wolf Pack lose 3-2 (Conor Allen scores and fights)

The Wolf Pack lost 3-2 to Syracuse last night:

  • Mat Bodie: 1 assist, plus one, 2 shots, hooking penalty
  • Conor Allen: 1 goal, plus one, 3 shots, fight
  • Ryan Malone: nothing on scoresheet
  • Dylan McIlrath: nothing on scoresheet
  • Ryan Bourque: 1 shot, fight
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 goal, 2 shots
  • Chris Bourque: minus one, 4 shots, hooking, slashing penalty
  • Chris Mueller: 1 assist, 4 shots
  • Oscar Lindberg:minus one, 5 shots
  • Michael Kostka: minus two, 2 shots
  • Danny Kristo: 1 assist, 3 shots
  • Ryan Haggerty: 2 shots

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Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack lose in OT (Oscar Lindberg goal, Dylan McIlrath fight)

The Wolf Pack lost 4-3 in OT to Bridgeport last night:

  • Mat Bodie: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Conor Allen: 1 assist, plus one, 2 shots
  • Dylan McIlrath: plus two, fight, elbowing penalty, unsportsmanlike conduct, roughing penalty
  • Ryan Bourque: 1 goal, 3 shots
  • Marek Hrivik: minus one
  • Chris Bourque: 1 goal, 1 assist, 4 shots
  • Chris Mueller: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Oscar Lindberg: 1 goal, minus one, 6 shots, closing hand on puck penalty
  • Michael Kostka: minus three, 3 shots, slashing penalty
  • Danny Kristo: 6 shots
  • Ryan Haggerty: minus one, 1 shot

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Read: Rangers Prospect Report (11/24 to 11/30)

RangersThe Rangers have sent through the following report on their prospects for the week of 11/24 to 11/30:

1.   Cristoval Nieves, C, University of Michigan (NCAA) – Nieves tied single-game collegiate career-highs with two goals and three points, and registered two power play points (one goal, one assist) in Michigan’s 6-0 victory over RPI on November 29. He has tallied a point in eight of his last 10 games (four goals, six assists), and six of his last seven games (four goals, four assists over the span).

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Read: Conor Allen’s game on Monday and his comments on Tuesday

Conor AllenConor Allen played 13:03 in his first game of the season including 6:17 in the first period.

He played 3:42 in the second period, 2:18 in the third and 46 seconds in OT.

Allen didn’t play the final 8:30 of the second period and didn’t play for a 7 minute stretch in the third period.

He wasn’t credited with anything on the NHL’s official score sheet except for one giveaway.

When Allen was  on the ice at 5 on 5, the Rangers had 13 shot attempts for and 9 against.

He started 3 of his shifts in the offensive zone, 7 in the neutral zone, and 3 in the defensive zone.

After being called up, Alain Vigneault said of Allen “he is what we saw last year. He is a good puck moving defenseman, has a knack to jump into the attack when the opportunity is there and just needs to pick the right spots and that is part of any young player, part of the process, he is learning the game and will get better as we move forward.”

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Stats: The Rangers defense on Monday against St. Louis

Dan GirardiDan Girardi (minus two) led all Rangers tonight with 32:58, his second straight game over 30 minutes.

Marc Staal (plus two) played 26:33, Matt Hunwick (minus one) played 24:51, Michael Kostka (plus one) played 18:10, Conor Allen played 13:03 and Dylan McIlrath played 8:02.

  • Michael Kostka: 5:08 in the first, 6:07 in the second, 6:17 in the third, 38 seconds in OT, 14 seconds PP, 1:44 PK
  • Dan Girardi: 9:56 in the first, 9:44 in the second, 9:42 in the third, 3:36 in OT, 5:14 on the PP, 3:37 PK
  • Marc Staal: 6:13 in the first, 9:29 in the second, 8:53 in the third, 1:58 in OT, 29 seconds PP, 3:37 PK
  • Conor Allen: 6:17 in the first, 3:42 in the second, 2:18 in the third, 46 in OT, 9 seconds PP
  • Dylan McIlrath: 2:06 in the first, 3:18 in the second, 2:38 in the third, 16 seconds PK
  • Matt Hunwick:5:42 in the first, 7:46 in the second, 9:35 in the third, 1:48 in OT, 2:08 PP, 1:28 SH.

The Corsi for each defensemen tonight was: Kostka (45%), Girardi (49%), Staal (57%), Conor Allen (58%), Dylan McIlrath (65%), Matt Hunwick (52%)

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