Read: What Will Happen With Mike Sullivan and the Assistant Coaches?

6.17.13/ 4:06AM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Jim Schoenfeld will not be an assistant coach, but will stay as assistant GM, Mike Sullivan will not be part of the organization and that Benoit Allaire will stay with the team.

Schoenfeld became an assistant coach when John Tortorella became head coach. Tortorella was an assistant coach for Schoenfeld when Schoenfeld was head coach in Phoenix.

6.16.13/ 9:14AM: At ESPN NY, Katie Strang writes that due to the relationship that Mike Sullivan has with former coach John Tortorella, it is unlikely that Sullivan will stay with the Rangers.

Sullivan joined the Rangers staff in 2009-10, the first full season that John Tortorella was head coach.

After Tortorella was let go in Tampa Bay, Sullivan was not brought back by new coach Barry Melrose, but once Melrose was fired the team asked him to return.

Jim Schoenfeld and Benoit Allaire are also assistant coaches.

6.16.13/3:13AM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Jim Schoenfeld isn’t likely to reprise his role as assistant coach but will stay as assistant GM. Sullivan isn’t likely to remain with the situation but Benoit Allaire “certainly will” return in those capacities.