Read: Guys Are Talking About Making A Run At “It”

Prior to the lockout, John Tortorella was asked about where, as an organization, he felt the Rangers were. Tortorella talked about how the goal last season was to get out of the mode of fighting for a playoff spot and instead going after home ice advantage in the first round.

Tortorella, who always preaches one day at a time, said that the Rangers still have steps to take to get where they need to be.

Marc Staal told the Daily News that he feels the team is ready to make a run at the ultimate prize. “With what we did last year in the playoffs, the guys we have coming back, the guys we added, there is a real excitement. Instead of talking about making the top five in the conference and getting into the playoffs, now we’re talking about making a run for it and winning it. So it’s unfortunate that we’re in this position, and hopefully it ends soon.”

Mike Rupp told Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants that the window for the Rangers is open and they need to take advantage of it,  “You only have certain windows of opportunity and we have a window of opportunity. You don’t want that to fall to the wayside. We were talking about it as players. You never want that what-if. Now we have our shot. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”