Recap: John Tortorella’s Post Game Comments

John TortorellaJohn Tortorella spoke on MSG after the game:

  • On Brian Boyle, “he could have been one of our best players tonight.”
  • On the Rangers character, “It’s a good group of guys. It’s just trying to get momentum on your side and finding a way to win a hockey game. We got it done tonight.
  • Contributions throughout the lineup, “we got some good minutes. Brian Boyle. Brass. A number of people helped out tonight and we are going to need that if we are going to stay alive.”

  • On not allowing a shot in the final 1:54, “I thought they did a fantastic job. They blocked shots, did a really good job.”
  • On Brassard, “I thought he played a complete game. He made some offensive plays but he also battled defensively. He hasn’t played much in this type of situation. He played a really good job for us tonight. That is part of it/ It’s gaining experience. Right from the get go it looked like he was involved. Hopefully it propels him to do it more. We are going to need even better play from everyone.
  • On Staal, “It helps the room. He is so well respected in the room. It’s two major injuries he has come back from. Even before you step on the ice it helps the room. He is so well liked. There are times where you can tell it will take some time to get totally back. He will need to get used to the speed of the game. “
  • On easing him back, “we weren’t. Once we knew he was coming back he was going back into the top four.”
  • On the PP, “just trying to shoot the puck.. We shot the puck more, even if you don’t score on it, which we did, you generate some momentum. The other part we are going to keep playing. Everyone likes talking about adjustments and I think that we got some play out of guys who we weren’t getting a lot of play out of it consistently all the way through. We were relying on the top line but some other guys stepped up tonight.”
  • “In the second period, I thought we owned the first half and then they had a ton in the second half of the period. They have some good people. The team that will win will be the one spending the time in the other teams offensive zone. It’s not that complicated. We are trying to keep our D up and hold our line. Johnny Moore is running our PP now. I thought he handled himself really well. That is a big part of trying to grinding in the minutes and it starts in the neutral zone.”
  • On Stepan, “He scores a big one tonight. Even though he hasn’t put numbers up, you can see how much I rely on him. I think he played 26 min tonight. He is growing. It’s not always about the stats or result, it’s about the process. He is a 22-year old guy that is being relied on in all situations.”
  • On trying to block more of Ovechkin’s shots, “No. We are just trying to block shots.”
  • On the score, “I don’t give a crap what the score is. We needed to win one game. We weren’t concerned with anything but finding a way to win the game. We did that tonight and we go back to practice tomorrow and get ready for another game.We are gonna score some goals. All we were focused on was trying to do everything we could to try and win one game. “
  • On McDonagh, “It’s not a mistake, it’s just happenstance, it never bothers him. It killed him after the game. At such a young age, he is able to recover and go play.”
  • Torts, jokingly  to Rangers PR, “Would you get me the hell out of here please.” (Big laugh from press)
  • He spoke about Nash not having a lot of space on the ice but credited him for making a big play that created the game winner.