Recap: John Tortorella On The Michael Kay Show

John Tortorella

  • On celebrating last night’s win, “we started on our flight home, gearing up for Boston. We have been in the office all day looking at tape and getting our prep started. We thought it would be a Wednesday start but we were glad to hear it was Thursday and get another day.”
  • On last night, “I think we played our best game of the seven. I am impressed and happy with how they handled themselves. They took it each day. We knew we weren’t too far away, it was such a fine line.”
  • On it being wide open, “Not so much early on, parts of the middle ended up being some back and forth. They have some really good players, as we do too, but we get our offense by playing strong defense and on our forecehck. We weren’t interested in going back and forth and up the ice.”

  • On Ovechkin’s comments about refereeing, (Tortorella laughing) “I’m not gonna get into a back and forth with Alex. One of the best lessons that we learned, especially for the young guys, is that you can’t get into the minutiae of it all, the complaining about this and that. If you pick away at it and are always complaining you forget what you are supposed to be doing. I saw McDonagh get run over and almost break his neck early in the game and there was no call, but Mac got stitched up, got up and played. A very important of playoffs is not to complain, not to go the supervisors to just play the damn game. Take a hit to make a a play and keep your focus. I thought it was a turning point in game six with all the complaining and we stayed within ourselves.
  • On Kreider, “at times. You can see what he brings with his skating. He almost scores last night. Everybody wants me to put him up on the top line but he still needs to go through the process.  There are a lot of things he needs to learn We need to be really careful as far as the situations that we put him in. In playoff hockey it’s a lot of one-goal games.  That isn’t a criticism, I have never criticized him. I need to spell it out that there is a process with a young player when it’s high stakes like this. I thought he gave us some good shifts and also had some struggles away from the puck.”
  • On game seven record of 5-1, “It isn’t about me. Our players handle themselves so well. This happens for a reason, this will help us in the next series. A good portion of our team went through some of it last year. You can rely on that a little bit in the first round. It belongs to the players and I am really happy that the mental intangible has shown.”
  • On Lundqvist, “he has played so well for so long. I don’t know if there is ever a best. He just continues to make big saves at key times, that is so important. We have played well in front of him. It’s not having the stats at the end of the night, it’s about when you make the saves.
  • On Del Zotto, “he has gone through the process in this series. We knocked him down to the third pair, in the middle of the series. Johnny Moore, I think that in a few years when people talk about the deal we made with Columbus, he will be the one talked about, he was playing really well so we moved Michael to the third pair and played that way for a little. It was just a little too much for Johnny so we moved Michael back up the last two games and has stood right in and played very well. He still has a lot to learn and I think the process he went through in the first round will help him as far as consistency.”
  • On playing game seven on the road, “We win three of four heading into that game and lost a couple in OT. We felt good about ourselves. You are always concerned about your start. I don’t think we started great, but Hank made saves to keep it 0-0 and then Ash buries one which was huge.”
  • On the Bruins, “We are two similar teams. It will be along the boards. It will be about battles. They win a hell of a game last night. They are deep, they are balanced. Both teams play a similar game. I feel good about it. All the teams that are playing now are good teams. It’s not who you are playing but how you feel about the team. I feel really good. We don’t get too involved in big adjustments, there are small things, but we aren’t changing. We wanna go straight ahead and they wanna go straight ahead. The neutral zone will be important.”
  • “I don’t listen to the experts because they really aren’t. I take it one day at a time.”
  • On his press conferences, “half the questions are silly questions. I don’t wanna be up there anyway so I why would I wanna talk about it. Bruce Beck is a good man and I really like him so I let it slide. Bruce is a good man. He was involved in our dog walk. He likes dogs so I like him”