Recap: John Tortorella On ESPN Radio


  • On hockey being back, “gosh. I couldn’t be happier. The only person happier then I am is my wife. Since day 1 we have been going through revised camps one upon another. I’ve said all along that this is a good group of men and it’s time to go to work”
  • On what he did during the lockout, “I went to Hartford 8 or 9 times. They weren’t playing that well and I stayed away since I was getting bad reports on some players. This is my third lockout. The first one I tried to find out every hour, the second I tempered it and this one I didn’t even bother.”
  • On the compressed timeframe, “we need to see what we have. I need to see how they look like, how they are conditioned. Guys did a lot of work whether it was going overseas or skating at our facility. The thing I am most concerned about is injuries. I am going to rely on the players and ask how they feel each and every day. I’m a little frustrated because I think our camp is a very big part of our success and we don’t have that. I am going to rely on the leadership group and have them tell me what they can handle.”
  • Mentally, “I don’t worry about it. I think they are chomping at the bit to play. What concerns me is the adrenaline of wanting to play right away and then seeing if they fall off after 10 games. Are they able to maintain? That is a big part of our job and finding out what our team is each and every day.”

  • On changing his coaching style for the shortened schedule, “they have given us the rough schedule and a good idea of where the games are going to be. All I did today was look for days off and time for them to get away. The amount of our travel isn’t that deep but I just want to make sure that we have recuperate and be able to play back to backs and 3 in 4 nights and 4 in 6 nights.”
  • On the new players and getting them ready, “I think some of the players have been with our guys. I don’t think they talked x’s and o’s during the lockout, I wish they did. It’s 5 or 6 guys who are going to get a crash course with a lot tape work so they can get the foundation of how we play. You don’t want to turn them into robots. It’s a very active game. I think we have a fairly big advantage with so many guys coming back from last year. It’s just getting them to understand the foundation and letting them play.”
  • “I really believe in our camp. I am really frustrated that we can go our way about it. It may seem crazy but it’s for a reason to get the mindset where we need it. We are not allowed to do the things we want to do before we play our first game. Don’t complain that we couldn’t do this or that, everyone is in the same boat.”
  • Torts adds that a good start and getting everyone to play with confidence is important.
  • “We have always gone day by day. I think that is how we will go about our camp. That is how they have gone about it the last few days. They are going about their business the right way and trying to get better each day. It”s new territory. This is really a short one and as a coaching staff and management group we need to look at our athletes and see how they are feeling. We need to make sure that we have the pulse of the team every day.”
  • “I love football and this break gave me a chance to watch a lot.” Torts said that he texts a little bit with Giants coach Tom Coughlin.
  • “What I like about Tom Coughlin is that he goes about his business no matter what is going on. I follow him, I follow Rex and some of the things that go on there.”
  • On trash talk, “You need to allow the athletes to play with this kind of emotion.”