Read: The John Tortorella Behind Closed Doors Is A Different Person

John TortorellaAt, Tom Jones wrote a retrospective on the time that John Tortorella spent coaching the Lightning.

In addition to his rough public persona, Jones writes that the real Tortorella was seen behind closed doors.

“Yet, he had a soft side, too. Believe it or not, he could be a players’ coach, giving them more days off than most NHL coaches and once taking them for a four-day, in-season vacation to Atlantic City. He often sought their advice on how to best handle a certain situation or dilemma. He praised more than he criticized. You might not think it, but most players loved playing for him. (Well, the non-goalies, that is.) And his charity work, helping children who had cancer, was a passion and went unnoticed, mostly because he never wanted it publicized.”