Read: Larry Brooks Wishes John Tortorella The Best In Vancouver

TortorellaIn the Vancouver Sun, Brad Ziemer spoke with NY Post reporter Larry Brooks about his relationship with John Tortorella and Tortorella moving to Vancouver.

Brooks said that he and Tortorella have a much better relationship than the one that is portrayed on youtube and in the media and that the two came to an understanding a couple of years ago that they were both going to try and not provoke each other during press conferences and that if there was an issue they would take care of it behind closed doors.

Brooks said that 99% of the time his relationship with Tortorella was fine but there were instances where their volatile personalities clashed. He adds that he hopes Tortorella does well in Vancouver and “has peace there because there’s no need to fight every day.”

Tortorella and Brooks have known each other dating back to 1999-2000 when Tortorella was an assistant with the Rangers and head coach for four games at the end of the season.

Their greatest hits are below: