Read: John Tortorella Wishes That The Players Told Him Their Issues

In the Vancouver Province, Jason Botchford spoke with John TortJohn Tortorellaorella as he is preparing for the regular season at his summer home in Wisconsin.

Tortorella spoke in the interview about not changing his interactions with players and his belief that honesty will lead to players growing and becoming better.

He added that he felt hurt hearing that some of the Rangers had issues with him that weren’t confronted or addressed in a one on one matter. Tortorella said that he thought he was close with his players in New York and that no one said anything to him during their exit interviews at the end of last season.

“I wish they would have said something to me. Glen probably still would have fired me, but you hope you develop people to be men, and I thought we were there. I guess it went through a third party instead of face-to-face. I know it happens in the game, I don’t agree with it. With the way I coach, every time there are exit interviews at the end of the year, I always find out it comes up that I’m too hard. It’s the world I live in. I get it. I live with that.”

Tortorella said that he will continue to demand a lot from his players because he feels that is the best way for them to reach levels they didn’t think they could play at.

Arron Asham said that a lot of players were starting to get “fed up” with Tortorella, his intensity and his screaming in the locker room.