Read: John Tortorella On The Carl Hagelin Situation and How He Wants To Change

TortorellaLast night, John Tortorella took part in the Canucks “Summer Summit” for season ticket holders and was asked about how he felt he needed to change from his time with the Rangers to the Canucks.

Tortorella said that while he thought the Rangers did some good things in the playoffs, he was very upset with the position he put Carl Hagelin in with his comments about him on the power play, “when I have to have a player answer questions from the media from some of the things that I said. I’m talking about the Hagelin situation when I was jokingly talking about Hagelin, I put him in a bad spot. I put my team in a bad spot.”

Tortorella infamously said that Hagelin “stinks” on the power play. Hagelin said that those comments didn’t bother him and that he was surprised that Tortorella was fired.

On how it ended with the Rangers and what he will change, Tortorella said “being fired really hit home. When a guy says, we don’t want you here, you can’t take us to the next level, as my GM did in NY. You say to yourself why. You crawl into your hole and think about what needs to change. My drive and my push of athletes isn’t going to change, I think that is the biggest part of our jobs as coaches and it’s for them to reach down and try and be more than they ever thought they could be, certainly some of my approaches in certain situations. The media needs to be a working relationship and the media needs to also.”

Tortorella said that he wants the Canucks to play up-tempo hockey and that he disputes the notion of being a defensive coach with the Rangers. He says that it’s tough to score goals in the NHL and just because the Rangers didn’t score a lot doesn’t make him a defensive coach.