Read: John Tortorella On Shelf Life/Being Fired and How His Wife Feels About His Media Issues

John TortorellaJohn Tortorella was a guest on Off The Record, a show on TSN, last week and spoke about his issues with the media and what it felt like for him to lose his job with the Rangers.

Tortorella said that being fired was “hard” and something he wasn’t ready or expected to happen.”

Glen Sather said during the conference call announcing the firing said that Tortorella was a little shocked.

Tortorella said that he won’t apologize for any of his media related issues in NY but said that his wife has told him to lighten up and that she is “petrified’ of what could happen with him and the media in Vancouver.

One thing Tortorella said though was that he didn’t agree with the term of “shelf life” pertaining to a coach and that those situations are unique and depend on the person.

Sather said during that conference call, “every coach has a shelf life and I have told every coach I have hired that this will happen. I had to make a decision and I did.”

John Tortorella said on Prime Time Sports that he loved his time with the Rangers but was caught off guard by the move to let him go.