Read: Jim Schoenfeld Talks About John Tortorella

Jim Schoenfeld, Brad Meier, Ryan CallahanFor two seasons, 1997-98 and 1998-99, Jim Schoenfeld was the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. One of his assistant coaches was John Tortorella.

Looking back on hiring Tortorella and his time with the Coyotes, Schoenfeld told Blueshirts United ,“When Tortorella walked into the room I knew, two minutes into the process, that he was the right guy. Same with Ben Allaire, who didn’t speak much English at the time. The hardest thing as a head coach with Torts was finding enough for him to do. Torts wanted to do his job, Gordie Roberts’ job and my job. Torts loves to work, he loves to dig in and get it done. You can see the success he has because of that persistence and dedication.

Now, Schoenfeld, along with Mike Sullivan are Tortorella’s assistant coaches with the Rangers. Schoenfeld says that the three of them have very similar styles, “He is kind of a one-coach guy but I think that the three of us work very well. We are all strongly opinionated but we see the game the same way in most fashions. Torts wants your opinion and he wants you to fight for it. With the three of us putting our heads together we have put together a pretty good plan for our hockey team. ”

John Tortorella has said how important Sullivan and Schoenfeld are to the team and their success.