Read: Is There Any Pressure On John Tortorella?

John TortorellaAt Sports Illustrated, Stu Hackel wonders how long a leash Glen Sather will give John Tortorella and whether an early exit from the playoffs, or missing them altogether, would cause Sather to start looking for another coach.

He writes, “expectations have been elevated at Madison Square Garden and, quite simply, the Rangers need to make the playoffs and probably a deep run for coach John Tortorella to survive.”

Last June, 94% of readers said that the Rangers could win the Stanley Cup with John Tortorella as coach.

In May 2011, Tortorella signed a three-year contract extension.

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that it’s doubtful Tortorella is fired anytime soon, but adds that could change if the team misses the playoffs.

Adam Rotter: Personally, I don’t think John Tortorella is in any kind of danger until the middle of next season at the earliest. He has a good relationship with Glen Sather, James Dolan and this team has been created with his vision.

I think the lockout and the lack of “his” kind of training camp gives him a bit of a pass for whatever ends up happening this year, but as long as the players still listen to him and there isn’t a free agent coach that would be better, he should be the coach. I’m biased and a big fan of his, while some people would like to have seen Tortorella gone yesterday, but I don’t even get the feeling that this is something the Rangers would even consider unless they started slowly next season.