Read: How John Tortorella Deals With Young Players

John TortorellaOn Thursday, during his two goal MSG debut, cameras showed JT Miller talking with John Tortorella on the bench.

In the NY Times, Miller said that he was asking Tortorella about his positioning and placement during certain plays and the Rangers breakout.

Miller says that he appreciated the conversations with Tortorella on the bench, “It was really nice to have him help me out. It was nice to know there was somebody there for me like that, that knows the structure of the game that well, and he wants you to be better.”

Jeff Klein wrote in the Times that Tortorella seemed “warm and almost fatherly, smiling, with his hands on Miller’s shoulders as he spoke with him at length.”

In terms of how the team deals with young players, Derek Stepan, who joined the Rangers as a 20 year old, told the NY Times, “Torts and the organization do a great job of taking young kids and making sure they’re ready. They do a very good job of making sure they shield you from pressure from the outside.

John Tortorella has made it known that he doesn’t want the long-term future of Miller or Chris Kreider harmed.