Picture: John Tortorella…..Head Coach Of The Vancouver Canucks


From the Canucks Press Release:“We are proud to introduce John Tortorella as Head Coach of the Vancouver Canucks,” said Michael D. Gillis, President and General Manager, Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “John has coached championship teams and is passionate about winning. He has a proven ability to bring the best out of his players and we believe he has all of the qualities to bring our team success.”

Tortorella will be introduced at 4PM

In a talk with the Canucks website, Tortorella said “I think it’s come to the point with me where I’m kind of being defined as ‘that lunatic,’ not only on the bench, but also after games with media. I don’t want to be defined that way, but I do make my own bed in that type of situation and I need to make some corrections, I need to make some adjustments in that part of it.

“My job as a head coach of a hockey team is to push athletes to be the best they can be, to push them to areas where they don’t think they can get, that’s my job and I’m going to do that,” said Tortorella, matter-of-factly. “But let’s be honest, there’s a perception about me and some of the perception is put in an area where that’s all people think I am. I need to prove myself to the players that I’m not just that person and I think that’s going to be a relationship that grows. I want them to understand that I care, I care a lot about winning and losing, but I also care about the people and it’s my job to push people, but I also think it needs to be done in a respectable way and I don’t think a lot of people think it’s done that way, but really they don’t know what goes on in behind here.