Buzz: John Tortorella Didn’t Get Stupid All The Sudden

TORTORELLAOn Hockey Night in Canada last night, PJ Stock said that some players in the Rangers locker room are starting to tune out John Tortorella.

Glen Healey responded by saying that Tortorella led the Rangers to the second best record in the league last year, was a Jack Adams award nominee, a former Jack Adams winner and “you’re telling me that he got stupid in a short period of time?”

Elliotte Friedman said that he doesn’t expect a coaching change to take place and that the general feeling in the organization is that they are not deep enough to win right now and they are trying to fix that.

Larry Brooks tweeted yesterday “It’s not the system that caused Richards to turn it over. Nor is it system that prompted Gaborik to glide back on Pitt odd-man rush”

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that John Tortorella’s “act” has been raising eyebrows around the league and people are wondering if the Rangers players are tiring of the coach.

He adds “he takes plenty of credit when they win but is quick to point the finger at the players when they lose.”

Garrioch has been known to make comments about Tortorella (below) in the past.

Adam Rotter: I don’t remember Tortorella taking credit when the team is playing well. Whenever he has had success, coaching the All-Star Game last year and being a Jack Adam’s nominee, he has said that it’s a “reflection on the organization” rather than promote himself.