Read: Ken Hitchcock On John Tortorella And What He Has Done In The Playoffs

At Sportsnet, Mark Spector talked with St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock about how John Tortorella has handled his media responsibilities so far in the playoffs.

Hitchcock said of Tortorella,”I don’t think he’s handling it as well as he should, and I don’t think he’s selling the game to what I think our obligation is every day. But, I know what a good person he is, how passionate he is for people in distress. I’m a guy who would cut him some slack.”

Hitchcock says that one of the reasons for Tortorella being short after a game is the lack of time to decompress and that he wants to get right back to work and without a big staff, it falls on him and Mike Sullivan to do every thing.

Dave Andreychuk who captained the Lightning to the Stanley Cup in 2004 told Scott Burnside at that this is classic Tortorella “That’s John. That’s what he does.”

Burnside writes, “as for Tortorella’s running skirmish with the media, Andreychuk said he and St. Louis talked about it while playing golf Thursday. They both believe it is purely an effort by Tortorella to take pressure off the players by creating a distraction.”

Tortorella famously had this to say about Hitchock in 2004.

Jay Feaster has pointed out earlier this season how Tortorella did that to take the pressure off of his team and put it on his back.

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