Note: The Rest Of The Media Seemed To Turn On John Torotrella Last Night

Neil Best of Newsday tweeted, “John Tortorella’s playoff non-interviews were amusing shtick for a while.Now they have become annoying and unprofessional.”

John Buccigross tweeted, “My problem with John Tortorella’s “act” is that it’s an act. Insensitive? Yes. Unprofessional? God, yes. The line for passive, media bullies is long.  But that act went out of style a long time ago.  He’s better than that.  He’s articulate and passionate. Use it wisely.”

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review tweeted, “Tortorella is taking a great narrative of his #NYRangers and ARROGANTLY taking it hostage with his tired act. Bad for #NHL Bad for hockey”

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe tweeted, “More disdain for media from Torts in presser.  Lack of league leadership equally disgraceful. But I’ll keep that in room. Rule No.  1 in sports biz and PR: make people glad they attend, feel they are appreciated.  Fail: Torts, Rangers, NHL. Total fail.”

Dupont added, “Delighted to hear Milbury and Jones fed up with tired Torts act. Rare for broadcast partner/house media to stop the smile and wink.”

TSN’s The Stats Guy tweeted, “John Tortorella is tired of the 25% rule…… well some people are tired of the 25 second media conferences”

Tom Gulitti tweets, “Pete DeBoer’s answer to 1st question of his postgame news conference was 85 words. Tortorella’s entire news conference? 36 words. When a coach refuses to answer questions from the media, he leaves it to his players to answer them instead. That leaves it up to the  players to answer for the head coach’s actions.”

Ray Ferraro of TSN, “was w torts for a yr at TSN-really good guy, polite,courteous,respectful – he is none of these things right now w media-hes better than this”

Damien Cox tweets, “The next amusing part will be down the road when Tortorella becomes all chatty again when he gets fired and needs another job.”

Eric Duhatschek tweets, Question to my PHWA colleagues: Anyone consider a boycott of JTortorella press conferences? Just walk out en masse when he goes to podium.”

In response to that, Cox tweeted, “@eduhatschek One must appreciate the entertainment value of watching a man make a complete jackass of himself.”

John Boruk of CSN Philly, “John Tortorella calls Pittsburgh the most arrogant team in the league, then how would he describe his actions?”

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