Read: James Dolan talks Rangers on Mike Francesa (Still talks with John Tortorella)

DolanJames Dolan spoke with Mike Francesa on WFAN at 5:05PM:

  • On his relationship with John Tortorella and allowing Glen Sather to make the call,  “It’s a good example of how I expect it to go with the Knicks. Torts and I were very close and really enjoyed each others company and still talk today. I was, I have to say, extremely sad to see him go but it was Glen’s decision and I didn’t challenge him in anyway.”
  • On his trust of Sather, “I do. I do. I trust Sather and think he is the best in the business. That team is competing for a playoff spot. This year in the NHL there are two teams at the top that did well early…. (Francesa interrupts and says that the standings are close)
  • Francesa says that Vigneault has done a good job, “Vigneault has done a great job and they are playing really really well and I do expect them to make the playoffs.”

  • Were you involved with the Callahan decision, “That was Glen’s decision on Callahan and I supported him on it.”
  • Would you have jumped in said it’s too much money for Callahan, was the money aspect bothering you, “No, it wasn’t about that, it was much more about the strategy of running the team over the long term and that is completely Glen’s area. Would the team take on that much salary for that player for that long of a term and that is his decision as to whether it is a good move for the team or not. He made his call and I support him on it.”
  • On the Yankee Stadium games, “the second game really surprised me because it was middle of the week, night time game and it was FREEZING. It was a great sign for the Rangers and hockey in NY.”
  • Do you go to as many Ranger games as Knicks games, “It’s pretty even. I love both sports. Basketball is high scoring and athletic and enjoyable to watch, hockey, the strategy and tension of the teams playing it’s like soccer and the speed of the game. Playoff hockey is really good. When the team scores a goal…the loudest I heard the place screaming is during a playoff hockey game.”
  • Why are you talking today, “my PR guy made me talk (laughing) it’s a big day to day and both Steve and I didn’t feel great about not talking to the media when things weren’t going well. We wanted to come out and explain things to folks. It’s time for ownership to show up in a time like this. I expect that I will take more of a backseat and I hope my relationship is like it is with Glen. I go to the games and talk with Glen about them.”
  • Dolan says that Sather doesn’t talk and that is his decision.
  • Francesa admits to being a fake hockey fan who only likes going to playoff games.


"Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? Playoffs? I'm just hoping we can win a game, another game."

Jimmy Passadino
Jimmy Passadino

I almost fell out of my chair when he said old man Sather is the best in the business.

He may be the best at signing talent eligible of compliance buyouts maybe.