Read: The Beating The Players Were Taking Is Why Glen Sather Made A Change

Ryan Callahan, Henrik LundqvistPrior to the news conference that announced Alain Vigneault as head coach of the Rangers, Glen Sather talked about how he wanted to see the Rangers change their style of play and to do that he needed to fire John Tortorella.

Expanding upon that, when he met with the media last Friday, Sather said that the Rangers style of play under Tortorella was becoming too hard on a day in-day out basis and it was time to bring in some fresh life and a new voice and view on how to play the game.

Sather said that the Rangers played hard for Tortorella, liked playing for him and pushed their bodies to the limit and worked their butt off. The problem, Sather said, was that the Rangers usually had nothing left in the tank when they needed to keep playing.

He added, “we needed a change in style. If you look at the injuries we have had, a number of guys were getting the crap kicked out of them because we constantly had to defend our own end. It’s a lot easier to move the puck out quick than go back. That style was perfect here for a couple of years but it started to wear our team out. There is nothing wrong with that style, but with the injuries we had it was starting to take a toll on the team and I thought it was time to change the style so we could go deeper.”