Read: Glen Sather Isn’t Going Anywhere

Glen SatherOn the conference call to discuss the John Tortorella firing, Glen Sather said that he is staying on in his role of General Manager for this season.

Sather is President and GM of the Rangers and some have speculated that he may step down as GM, remain as President, and allow Jeff Gorton to become GM.

Earlier today, Nick Kypreos said on Sportsnet radio yesterday that no one should be holding their breath for the end of Glen Sather, “there is a relationship with the owner there that I am sure has many people baffled.It has never been an option for that owner to get Slats out and as long as he still wants the job and takes home a hefty paycheck….he will stay. There is no sense of “my time has come and I will pass the torch” none of that. He is the lowest key GM. Hardly any interviews. It’s not his thing now. He is beyond needing to go on air on a semi-regular basis.”