Read: Glen Sather Talks About The Process Of Making A Trade

In the book “Behind The Moves,” Jason Farris spoke with NHL General Managers past and present about how they conduct business and to tell stories about their lives in hockey.

Here, Glen Sather talks about part of the process in making a trade.

“It is hard to make a deal if you are going to to tip your hand and ask for somebody all the time. You need to have the other GM come around and suggest that he would like somebody and maybe would give you this. If you are too anxious, you are not going to make the deal, and if you are not eager enough to make a deal, then you can’. I find that the best time to make a deal is when there is a deadline. If you are going to try to make a deal for somebody, it is generally at the trading deadline now. That’s when teams are trying to get better or are trying to unload players.”

Sather added “If a guy tries to screw you, you find a way to screw him back. I wouldn’t say be vengeful, but I wouldn’t forget stuff like that.”