Read: Glen Sather on Being GM Of The Rangers and Why Some Moves Are Made

In the book “Behind The Moves,” Jason Farris spoke with NHL General Managers past and present about how they conduct business and to tell stories about their lives in hockey.

Here, Glen Sather talks about what it is like to be GM of the Rangers:

“I thought the challenge [coming to the Rangers] was going to be terrific, as it has been. I wouldn’t say that it has been even close to successful; it has been competitive but it takes a long time to change things. Guys get into a position and it takes you three or four or five years just to clean out the bad contracts and change the environment….Owners don’t want to hear it. But do they want reality or bullshit? When I went to New York, [Dave] Checketts told me that we have to have stars in New York or we are not going to sell tickets. Bottom line is that every team wants to sell every ticket and create as much revenue as possible…Only one team is going to win. Does every owner in the league know that? Do they honestly think they have a legitimate shot at winning? We bullshit each other and we tell our players that our goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Well, that is the goal, but do you really believe it?”